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The Unusually Handsome Grandfather - Rome x Reader
    The addition extra weight on the bed is what woke you up. The room was dark, it was late at night or maybe very early in the morning. Italy was snuggled up next to you, like a kitten or a puppy, facing you. You quickly remembered that you had be at his house when it had gotten late, both of you were too scared to go outside to bring you home, so Italy offered to let you stay the night. So there you were, curled up in Italy’s bed with him, then there was a hum that reminded you that you felt someone climb on the bed. You could feel that whoever it was sitting at the foot of the bed and without looking you could feel their eyes on you. Please be Romano, please be Romano, please be Romano! you pleaded to yourself. You slowly peaked over that him. “Ah you’re awake!” Rome nearly shouted causing you to almost jump out off the  bed. “Finally my grandson got a pretty lady in bed with him!” “Wha-!?” You tried to interject
:iconredthereble:RedTheReble 124 28
Warm Fuzzies - Russia x Reader
You were sitting in your third world meeting and you were comfortable, so you start to look around the room. That’s when you first noticed the expression on Russia’s face. “Umm, hey Russia,” You said approaching the the tall Russian after the meeting had ended. You glanced over at America, who was distracting Belarus for you. He’s your best friend, you’ll give him a nice funeral. “Hello ____,you decided you’re going to become one with Russia, da?” Russia replied. “N-n-not right now. Actually I wanted to talk to you about something,” You see America start panicking and so do you, “Let’s go for a walk!” Russia saw what you kept looking at, agreed and hauled butt out the door, while dragging you behind him.
An awkward silence set in as the two of you walked alone down an empty park trail. You had always been a little intimidated by Russia. He looked nice, but the dark aura that surrounds him and the story&
:iconredthereble:RedTheReble 84 38
The Cowardly Lion - Romano x Reader (fluff )
“GET OFF!” You yelled pushing one of the men off of you. It was late and you had been walking home from a friends house when you were pulled into an ally by a group of creepy guys. That black belt in karate was about to come in handy, when suddenly the man in front of you hit the ground. You looked to see Romano standing between you and the other men. “LEAVE HER ALONE!” He yelled snapping you out of your shock. Another guy came out of nowhere and punched Romano in the face. “ROMANO!” You ran up and kicked the guy in the head knocking him out cold, before going to Romano’s side. “____, stay back!” He said getting back up, ready to fight. The third guy took out a switchblade and charged the two of you. Romano quickly caught the man’s arm and pulled him so the man's stomach rammed into Romano's knee, leaving the man coughing on the ground. The last guy shifted nervously. Romano stared him down and the man ran.
Romano quickly grab
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